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The time has come to step inside the ring as we delve into the world of boxing and the major excitement that comes with betting on this age-old sport. Having captivated gamblers for generations, boxing stands as a testament to the raw power and skill of the human spirit. Two warriors face off, trading blows with unyielding determination and unrelenting courage. The rising tension before each thunderous blow and the electric atmosphere inside the arena—they all combine to create a thrilling experience that makes boxing the ultimate betting sport.


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As the US’ leading online sportsbook, Bovada offers betting odds on all of the big boxing matches throughout the year. From the WBA and IBF to the WBO and WBC, you can place real-money wagers on all of it for the chance to cash in on the action. In this article, we’ll take a look back at Bovada’s 10 biggest winning boxing bets of all-time.

From underdog upsets to knockout predictions, each tale is a testament to the unbridled excitement and big-win potential that come from betting on boxing. We’ll cover the biggest bets won on boxing at Bovada, so get ready to be amazed, and perhaps even inspired to take a chance on your own sporting predictions!

*All amounts include original wager

Honorable Mention

In a recent bout, boxing fans got to witness a much anticipated fight between Tommy Fury, and social media bad boy Jake Paul. It looks like this bettor may have used a crystal ball, as they wagered $100 on Fury to win the fight with both fighters having a point deducted during the bout. Amazingly enough, this panned out just as predicted and with longshot odds of +10000, this bettor won an easy $10,100!

10. $500 to win $13,000

Tyson Fury, better known as the Gypsy King, has dominated the boxing world over the past several years. The English fighter earned a lot of respect after facing Deontay Wilder in 2018, even though the end result was a split draw and Wilder retained his WBC title. Yet that was great news for at least one bettor, as they risked $500 on that exact outcome. The bet came with +2500 odds, leading to a $13,000 payout.

9. $2,500 to win $20,000

It seems there were a few big winners when Tommy Fury and Jake Paul went head to head back in February 2023. This bettor got a little bit more creative, however, wagering on the younger Fury brother to win the bout specifically by decision or technical decision. With a number of potential outcomes, betting on the method of victory is a great way to boost the odds. It led to +700 odds on this $2,500 wager, resulting in a $20,000 payout.

8. $999 to win $20,979

When betting on boxing, the more unlikely the outcome, the bigger the potential payout. That was the case during this 2018 fight between Badou Jack and Adonis Stevenson, as this Bovada user bet on the bout to end in a draw. Draws do not happen too often in boxing, and this particular bet came with huge payout odds at +2000. With a total bet amount of $999, this lucky gambler won an astonishing $20,979 when the fight was declared a draw by the judges.

7. $2,885 to win $21,367

The play mentioned in #6 was so sharp that it led to not one, but two of our top 10 entries on this list! This boxing gambler took the exact same wager, Fury to defeat Paul by decision or technical decision. The bet was for $2,885 and the odds had dipped to +650 at the time, with the end result another huge betting win totaling $21,367.

6. $1,000 to win $23,000

When a boxing match goes to the cards, things can get pretty intense for those who bet on the final results. During the Jake Paul – Tommy Fury fight from earlier this year, there was one boxing aficionado at Bovada who wagered $1000 on Fury to win the bout by split-decision at +2000 betting odds. While many experts thought Fury had one in unanimous fashion, the final verdict was a split-decision victory, earning this bettor a $23,000 payout!

5. $10,000 to win $26,000

Next on our list is another big bet from the Jake Paul – Tommy Fury fight. There was a ton of betting action leading up to this matchup, including a $10,000 wager by one Bovada bettor on Fury to win the bout. With the betting odds at +160, this gambler won an easy $26,000 as Fury earned the split-decision victory over the former YouTube personality.

4. $13,382 to win $28,872

Back in February 2020, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury faced off for the second time and the betting world was buzzing with excitement for this high-profile rematch. The Gypsy King was a slight underdog in this matchup at +115 to win the bout, and this Bovada bettor placed $13,382 on him to do just that. Fury picked up the win in this one with a seventh round TKO to earn this bettor $28,872 in winnings!

3. $30,000 to win $46,667

Jake Paul has had a number of big fights since his foray into professional boxing first began, including a pair of memorable fights against MMA star Tyron Woodley. With more experience as a boxer, Paul was listed as a -180 favorite to win their first bout. It seems at least one Bovada bettor had a lot of confidence in the social media star, as they placed a massive $30,000 wager on Paul. That savvy bet earned them $36,667 in profits after Paul’s split-decision victory over Woodley.

2. $37,500 to win $62,500

In April 2021, Jake Paul faced off in the boxing ring against his first UFC opponent, Ben Askren. Paul was a -150 favorite to win this bout, but people at the time were still not completely sold on the social media star as a legitimate fighter. This Bovada bettor was not one of those people, as they put a hefty $37,500 wager on Paul to get the win. As we all know, Paul earned the TKO victory in the first round with an overhand right and this bettor netted a cool $25,000 in profits.


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1. $137,700 to win $162,500

As the expression goes, it takes money to make money. The top spot on our list of the biggest betting winners in the boxing ring is a perfect example of this statement. Tyson Fury was squaring off against Dilllian Whyte back in April 2022 and the Gypsy King was a huge betting favorite at -550 to win the bout. Those odds weren’t enough to scare off this faithful bettor, who risked a staggering $137,500 on Fury to pull out the victory. It only took six rounds for Fury to earn the TKO victory and this brave gambler took home $162,500 in winnings!