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Have you ever dreamt of becoming the world’s next big crypto success story? All it takes is an eye for the future and a bit of luck for you to become a crypto millionaire. Once considered a worthless concept with little to no value, the world of cryptocurrency has come a long way over the past decade or so. Crypto’s boom has led to a number of wild success stories from people who got in early and rode the wave towards a massive payday.

You may be familiar with some of the more popular crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), but that’s only the tip of the iceberg – there are now thousands of different crypto coins out there, each with its own unique properties and value. These days, crypto has become a mainstream concept and there are millions of active crypto traders spread out across the globe. At Bovada players can choose to gamble with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Tether (USDT).


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As the world’s first digital currency, Bitcoin had a major hand in a number of crypto success stories over the years. With so many skeptics around during Bitcoin’s early days, this now-prominent cryptocurrency was available for just a tiny fraction of today’s value. If you go back to the start of 2011, you were able to purchase a full Bitcoin for as little as $0.30. Fast forward to November 2021 and that same coin was valued at over $68,000, Bitcoin’s all-time high. To put that in perspective, if you invested $1,000 into Bitcoin back in January 2011 and sold during the all-time high in 2021, you would have turned you’re $1,000 investment into more than $225 million.

This article from Bovada Casino will introduce you to three of the most impressive crypto success stories of all-time. Keep reading for some incredible crypto accounts and perhaps you’ll be the next name added to this list!

#1 – The Millionaire Teenager

In 2011, Erik Finman was just a regular teenage boy living in Idaho and arguing with his parents about his education. The young boy was an avid investor and thought he would be better off playing the market than going to college. As a compromise, Finman’s parents agreed to let him skip out on college on one condition; he had to take the $1,000 recently gifted to him by his grandmother and turn it into $1 million.

Recognizing the potential value of cryptocurrency, Finman invested all of his money into a few different coins. One of those digital currencies was Bitcoin, which he was able to purchase at just $12 per coin. Jump ahead two years and Bitcoin’s value had already risen to $1,200; Finman was on his way.

Having invested a portion of his earnings to launch an online education company, a 15-year-old Finman was offered the choice between $100,000 or 300 Bitcoin to sell the business. The investment prodigy chose to be paid out in Bitcoin, eventually becoming a crypto millionaire when the coin’s value reached $2,700 in 2017. In the end, Finman never went to college but did just fine on his own and now has a net worth estimated at more than $5 million.

#2 – $27 to the Moon                          

While some people focus all their efforts on learning about crypto and staying ahead of the curve, others have found success with a much more relaxed approach. Take for example Kristoffer Koch, a former University of Norway student, who first learned of Bitcoin back in 2009 while preparing his Masters thesis on encryption technology. Interested in learning more about this new form of digital money, Koch purchased $27 worth of Bitcoin. While that would only get you a small fraction of a Bitcoin in today’s market, back then it was enough to purchase an astounding 5,000 Bitcoin.

Whereas some investors would have sold the coins for profit as soon as their value increased, Koch put his investment aside and gave it little thought over the next few years. Jump ahead to 2013, Koch caught wind of a news report on Bitcoin and decided to check on the value of his long-forgotten $27 investment. After quickly realizing that his Bitcoin balance would make him an instant crypto millionaire, Koch spent nearly 24 hours searching for the password to his digital wallet before finally gaining access to his newfound fortune. While he ended up cashing in a fifth of his Bitcoins that year for $886,00, Koch still has 4,000 Bitcoin safely stored away. At Bitcoin’s current market value, that’s well over $60 million. Pretty good for just $27.

#3 – Turley Early into Ether

Bitcoin may be the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, but it’s not the only coin that has produced crypto millionaires and wild success stories. Cooper Turley knows this better than most, as the former Music Business major at the University of Colorado Boulder made the majority of his fortune from Ethereum.  

Fascinated with technology and excited about the potential of Ethereum’s open-source blockchain and smart contract functionality, Turley began putting all of his income into Ethereum back in 2017 when it was valued at around $100. Ether reached an all-time high of $4,626 in 2021 and made him a boatload of money. Today Cooper Turley has become a popular crypto influencer and the savvy investor behind a project to incorporate NFT technology within the music industry. He won’t say exactly how much he invested in Ethereum but Turley’s been known to treat his parents with lavish, six-figure gifts so it’s safe to say that he’s become yet another impressive crypto success story.


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