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I’ve been on the road a lot lately, so I’ve been veering toward mobile casino games in my down time. I use them on both my iPhone and my iPad, and my experiences have been pretty good so far. The most recent gem I’ve discovered at Bovada Casino is a Mexican inspired slot called Jackpot Piñatas.

What drew me to the game in the first place was the “$228K Jackpot” tag on the game icon. That’s a huge amount for a progressive, and if I’m already set on playing a new slot, I might as well put my name in the hat for the biggest prize. When I clicked “Learn More,” I got the basic details on the game – it’s a classic 5-reel, 20-line slot with unique features that can increase your payout. The Piñata Feature, for example, presents you with three Piñatas, and you get to pick two of them for prizes that can equal up to 200X the triggered bet. I’m sure you’re aware that a 200X payout is a big deal for a bonus round.

Another thing I’m always on the lookout for when trying out new online slots is the free games feature. To my pleasure, I saw that the Jackpot Piñatas Free Games Mode doubles all prizes (that is except for Bull Piñata and progressive jackpot prizes of course). This makes building up my bankroll easier – as does the trusty substitute. Here, we have a Donkey Piñata symbol as the wild card; it substitutes for anything other than Bull Piñatas and scattered Dog Piñatas.

When you start spinning the reels, you’ll notice the exceptionally fast response time and quality graphics. The theme lends well to the mobile screen. There aren’t any extraneous graphics hanging around the reels and crowding up the screen. The five reels fill up the mobile screen, making all the symbols (tacos, roses, gift-wrapped boxes and limes included) clear and visually appealing.

All in all, Jackpot Piñatas has proven to be a very entertaining slot with lots of opportunities to hit a big win. And who doesn’t enjoy a game that involves smashing your way to loot.