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Are you one of the millions of blackjack players around the world? Do you want to join the fun? Blackjack is incredibly popular at casinos everywhere, but you’ll enjoy it even more if you master the game. Although blackjack is a lot easier to learn than games like poker, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out. Here are four ways you can improve your blackjack game before you hit the tables at Bovada.


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Learn All the Moves

Most Blackjack players know about hitting and standing, but there are many more moves you can make when you’re on the felt. Depending on which Blackjack game you’re playing, there’s also splitting, doubling down, surrendering, and taking insurance. Each of these moves has an effect on the house edge, so make sure to learn them, and make sure to review the rules for your particular game. You can start by learning When to Double Down in Single Deck Blackjack.

Learn the Basic Strategy

Every Blackjack game has an optimal strategy that you can use to narrow the house edge to a minimum. You can find strategy charts online and print them out; better still, memorize the basic strategy so you can use it at the live casino, and play more hands more quickly when you play blackjack at Bovada.

Manage Your Bankroll

There’s no particular betting pattern that you can use to beat online Blackjack in the long run, but you can still get the most out of your game by practicing sound bankroll management. Aim to play a blackjack session of a certain predetermined length, based on your number of hands per hour, the stakes of the game, the house edge, and the size of your bankroll.


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Have Fun

Regardless of what game you play at Bovada, you’ll perform better if you’re enjoying yourself. These games are made for entertainment, and that should be your motivation for playing. Keep your sessions at a reasonable length that doesn’t tax your brain or your bankroll, and if you start getting fatigued or distracted, take a break. There will always be more blackjack games waiting for you at Bovada; come back when you’re ready to have more fun.