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When you go to play blackjack at the big casinos in Las Vegas, you’re not just trying to make 21. There are tons of different side bets you can make, if you and your fellow players are interested – like whether your two cards and the dealer’s up-card are all the same suit, or how many sevens are dealt. You can get some of that side action online, too, when you play Perfect Pairs at Bovada Casino.

If you already know how to play Blackjack, then Perfect Pairs will be easy for you to grasp. The blackjack portion of the game remains the same; just like Classic Blackjack, there are six decks in the shoe, the dealer hits on soft 17, you can split up to three hands, and surrenders are allowed. The difference is in the Perfect Pairs side bet. If your first two cards are a pair, you win the bet, and there are three ways you can win:

Mixed (6 to 1): Two cards of the same rank, but different suits and colors; e.g. Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts

Same Colors (12 to 1): Two cards of the same rank and color, but different suits; e.g. Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs

Perfect Pair (25 to 1): Two cards of the same rank and suit; e.g. Ace of Spades and Ace of Spades

You can bet anywhere from $1 to $500 when you play Perfect Pairs at Bovada, so if you get dealt that magic hand, you can win up to $12,500 on your side bet. There’s no skill involved, and depending on which casino you’re at, the payouts may be different and the house edge will be around 6%, so your Perfect Pairs bet should be for entertainment purposes. But if you’re looking for action, this is one of the biggest action bets you can make at any casino.

And it can be even better when you play blackjack online. Since the cards are re-shuffled at the end of every hand, playing at Bovada Casino is like playing live with a Continuous Shuffle Machine (CSM). That means all the cards in the six-deck shoe will be available for you to make those lucrative pairs. You can try Perfect Pairs for free using the Practice Play mode at Bovada; this game uses the new, sleeker layout that you’ll also find playing The New Blackjack, so give it a spin and let us know what you think.