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Whether you’re new to online sports betting or an experienced bettor looking to spice things up, Points Betting is a great way to add some extra excitement to any sporting event. These types of wagers are great for football, basketball and countless other sports. Points Betting has become a popular way to gamble on sports with a growing number of online sportsbooks beginning to offer this innovative feature. This article from Bovada Sportsbook will walk you through the ins and outs of Points Betting and how this unique bet type makes every point count!

What is Points Betting?

Points Betting is a specific bet type where the amount you win or lose is based on the number of points by which your bet wins or loses. There is usually a cap or max to how many units can be won or lost.

How Does Points Betting Work?

With Points Betting wagers, the amount of money you win or lose is determined by the game’s final score; if your bet wins by three points, you’ll win three times your bet amount. Conversely, if your bet loses by three points, you’ll lose three times your bet amount. With this type of bet, you’ll be following every last point down to the game’s final seconds as it will determine the total value of your wager, win or lose.

Examples of Points Betting

When it comes to Points Betting on sports, the two most common bet types are Points Spreads and Game Totals. These lines are set by odds makers and determine the baseline for which the game’s final score will be measured.

  • Point Spread Example

Let’s pretend you’ve made a $20 Points Betting wager on the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, who are three-point favorites over the Cowboys. If the Rams end up winning the game by seven, covering the spread by four, you would win four times your bet amount for a total profit of $80.

  • Game Total Example

In this example, you’re confident that an NBA game between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets will fall below the projected total of 213, so you make a $20 Points Betting wager on the under. If the offenses get hot and the total ends up going over by two, you would lose two times your bet amount for a total loss of $40.

Advantages of Points Betting

There are several benefits that come along with Points Betting. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest advantages associated with this type of sports wager:

  • Increased Excitement

With every point making a difference on how much money you win or lose, Points Betting adds a ton of excitement to your bet.

  • Longer Lasting Bets

The outcome of the game may be long-since decided, but this betting format means the game will stay interesting down to the final play.

  • Bigger Payouts

Another great aspect of Points Betting is that it rewards accurate predictions; the better your pick does on the final score, the bigger the payout you can win.


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There we have the answer to the common question, what does points mean in betting? It’s clear that Points Betting can add some extra adventure to your typical sports betting experience. If you’re looking for some major excitement and think you can handle the ups and downs, give it a try and see for yourself. Regardless your betting preference, Bovada Sportsbook has everything you’re looking for, including up-to-the minute betting odds on all your favorite sports.