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Ok, I hold my hands up. You got me, Qatar. Despite all the reservations of how well the host country would do after loads of negative press regarding reporters getting bullied, very basic accommodations for players and fans, and all the politics around human rights, I admit it…. I am loving this World Cup!

In true fickle soccer fan fashion, I have done a complete 180 from being staunchly against a World Cup not only being played in winter but also being hosted by a nation with a questionable cultural standpoint. Cut to now, having barely missed a game, I am well and truly hooked.


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The tournament so far has had everything a soccer fan could wish for (except beer, of course). We have seen jaw dropping upsets, dramatic goals, penalty kicks, controversial referee decisions, tears of joy and tears of devastation. And the remainder of soccer’s most globally loved and watched competition looks to bring us more of the same.

Did anyone playing the Bovada World Cup Predictor predict Germany, Belgium, and Uruguay to exit at the group stage? I know I didn’t.

I did, however, predict USA to make it through to the knockout stages which they did with a very solid performance against England. Sadly the team couldn’t get past the Netherlands last weekend, and have made their way home. They have surely made their nation proud though.

France, one of the stand outs has beaten Poland and let’s be honest, they look like they can go all the way to the final. Mbappe is the star of the show with 5 goals so far and top goal scorer.

As such, France poses a huge threat to England’s hopes this weekend after the British lads superbly walked through Senegal.

After an intense 120 minutes of action, Croatia vs Japan went to penalties. During the group stage, Japan showed incredible quality, however, the same can’t be said for their performance in the penalty shoot-out… Japan failed to score 3 of their 4 penalties, while Croatia scored 3 of their 4, enough to send them into the quarter finals.

With 4 goals from 4 different players, Brazil sailed through their Round of 16 game against South Korea. One of those came from star-player Neymar, who returned from injury after missing the final 2 games of the group stage.

Spain made it through by the skin of their teeth, and after a nail-biting yo-yo group stage they face Morocco. It is difficult to see past Spain making light work of this one, having a superb mix of youth and experienced players. Hard as it may seem to believe, Spain has only won the World Cup once and are desperate to repeat the highs of 2010. But if Morocco can dispense of Belgium, they can give Spain a very hard time.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal needs to deal with Switzerland, if he is to bring the one trophy he hasn’t won back to the mother land in what surely is his last throw of the World Cup dice. Back in June, these two squads went head-to-head twice and split the winnings, although in the game Portugal lost, Ronaldo did not feature. Can he be the difference again this time, can he bring the magic? Of course he can, he’s Ronaldo! Despite the very messy split with MUFC, he has been on form so the drama doesn’t appear to be affecting his play.


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