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With all due respect to the Oscars and the Academy Award nominations that came out this week, there are more than enough award worthy compelling stories going into this weekend’s NFL Conference Championships.


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The divisional round of the NFL playoffs set up some amazing story lines for this coming weekend. Three of the four games contested were extremely competitive and came down to execution down the stretch. That being said, here are the nominees for best story going into the NFL Conference Championships.

Lions – Almost to the Promised Land

It’s been since January 1992 since the Lions have been to a conference championship game, back when the great Barry Sanders was still carrying the ball for them. The current QB, Jared Goff wasn’t even born yet. Much like Peter O’Toole and Glenn Close, who jointly hold the most nominations for an Oscar without a win… The Lions have never been to the Superbowl. Little by little this team has won over fans across America. Who doesn’t love the drama of an embattled franchise, make a run towards a Superbowl that seems to be just ever so slightly out of their reach. Which brings us to another layer of the Detroit Lions story…

The Curse of Bobby Layne:

Alas, this is no ordinary story. You see…There’s a curse involved. [insert spooky music] Gather around as we delve into what many believe is the curse that has prevented one of the NFL’s oldest franchises from the success their fans so desperately wait for season after season. In 1957 the Lions took home a championship, before the existence of a Superbowl. The Lions traded Bobby Layne to the Steelers. Legend has it that a furious Layne cursed the Lions for 50 years. Poppycock you say? The Detroit Lions went a historic 0-16 on the 50th anniversary of the curse. The Curse has lasted well past 50 years but there was a ray of hope last year. Peyton Manning, Jeff Daniels and Keegan-Michael Key attempted to lift the curse on an episode of Peyton’s Places. Since then the Lions have had an incredibly successful run. Is the power of Omaha enough to get them to the Superbowl?

Lions QB Jared Goff:

This man has been through it. Once a shining star in the land of Hollywood. He took his Rams team to the big game and fell short. Goff was then sent from TinselTown to the Siberia of the NFL. Banished from the bright lights and sunshine. Forced to watch his former team make another run at the Superbowl and win. Was he broken? Was his early success a lie? In the most unlikely of places he rebuilt the best of himself and now finds himself one game away from a shot at redemption and Superbowl glory.

49ers – Back with unfinished business

The 49ers have fought long and hard this season to come back for another try at a Superbowl. They have a star filled cast with names like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle who are hungry to get it done, led by the lowest paid starting QB in conference championship weekend. Brock Purdy, Mr. Irrelevant, 262nd draft pick. Not exactly the pedigree you’d expect from a starting QB for a storied franchise. Analysts argue over him constantly. Is he just being carried by his supporting cast? Over hyped, under hyped, system quarterback, punching above his weight class… If they’re talking about you, you must be doing something right. Much like the beloved character Rocky Balboa, this once overlooked talent has risen to the world stage and poised to take his shot at a Superbowl. All he has to do is overcome the incredibly well loved and talented Cinderella Lions with a QB with his own thing to prove. One thing is for certain.


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Ravens – Are you ready for it?

Baby, let the games begin. This will be a hotly contested game and you better get your popcorn ready. The Ravens are firing on all cylinders and are ready to go toe to toe with Kansas City. Not only are the Ravens fighting a high powered KC offense, but also the looming shadow of Taylor Swift and a (possibly) shirtless Jason Kelce in the stands cheering on Travis Kelce. Can the Ravens play spoiler and prevent the image of Taylor and Travis celebrating under confetti? Lamar Jackson was initially passed on by several teams and was told to consider other positions than QB, but here he is putting up an MVP worthy season en route to what he hopes to be a date with destiny at the Superbowl. He has seemed to finally overcome teams blitzing him and appears to be ready for whatever the Chiefs throw at him.

Chiefs – “It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero…”

Taylor Swift: You can’t mention the Chiefs without her nowadays. They’ve become the team you absolutely love or are absolutely tired of. Any time the camera turns to her half of America loves it and the other half groans. It’s not entirely her fault, it’s not like she’s directing the camera to cut to her. She’s become a scapegoat for some of the angst fans have been having after seeing the Chiefs constantly in the Super Bowl mix. They’re the football version of a blockbuster franchise film. Lots of success, lots of stars, and now adding one of the biggest stars in the world to the cast. The Chiefs have shown some grit and have powered through a season of inconsistent offense. It won’t be an easy day playing against a tough Ravens defense. Jackson vs Mahomes is going to be an incredible watch and should create a good amount of suspense and drama. These two might as well change their middle names to MVP. Two of the best going at it… It doesn’t get any more blockbuster than that! This weekend will be long on storylines and dramatic plays. Who punches their ticket for a chance at a Hollywood ending? Who gets to rain on who’s parade? And who gets your nomination as the most interesting NFL story or match up this weekend?

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