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You would be forgiven for thinking there had been a glitch in the matrix when this announcement landed. However, it is a real event that promises to captivate audiences worldwide, set to be streamed live on Netflix on July 20th. Join us for this momentous boxing showdown between Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson!

Not only have we got to wrap our heads around this ‘fight’ taking place at all, but there are reports the promoters behind Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s controversial boxing showdown are pushing for it to be staged as a professional contest.

Ex-boxing pros and boxing fans (including myself) have slammed the prospect of 57-year-old Mike Tyson fighting Jake Paul in a heavyweight bout this summer; with claims of “elderly abuse”.

Tyson, who last fought during an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr in November 2020, will be 58 when he enters the ring. Meanwhile, YouTube star Paul turned 27 back in January and most recently fought former Gold Gloves champion Ryan Bourland earlier this month.


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The concept of ‘Iron Mike’ stepping back into the ring with a fighter 30 years his junior has caused outrage, especially following recent footage that shows him using a walking stick after struggling with sciatica.

Understandably, the new footage has been a cause for concern amongst fight fans, with the public uncertain if the fight should even take place.

One fan wrote: “I hate to say this, but it looks like he is in trouble.”

Another fan agreed: “Hate to say this, but Mike is about to lose, maybe even get knocked out, I noticed that there was no power punch, so how’s he going to keep Jake away from him with those weak jabs? Mike’s going to sleep.”

Mike Tyson is a heavyweight icon and considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, and the youngest heavyweight champion in history, but he is far from his prime, having retired from boxing in 2005 and leaving with a 50-6 record, including 44 knockouts.

Tyson’s last professional contest was 19 years ago, with journeyman Kevin McBride forcing him to throw in the towel on both the fight and his career before the start of the seventh round.

Former British heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora recently claimed that Paul and Tyson will be wearing head guards and using 18oz gloves in a sparring-style fight, a rumor that was shut down after organizers were reportedly keen for the bout to resemble a standard professional clash that would take place without head protection.

So, why is Iron Mike coming out of retirement and into the ring with a former YouTuber-turned-boxer? It is an easy answer. Cash. A gigantic bag of cash that is so cash-y and gigantic that it could not be turned down. Even I would get in the ring with Mike Tyson for a rumored $300 million.

Can the former ‘Baddest on the Planet’ put ‘The Problem Child’ on the naughty step?

What are your thoughts on the bout of Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson? Let us know, because it’s about to be a showdown.


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