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Online poker is one of the greatest inventions of the modern era, but it has one flaw: What do you do after you fold your hand? When you play poker live, you can spend that time paying attention to the people around you, picking up on their tendencies, and coming up with a brilliant counter-strategy.


Play online Poker at Bovada!

You can (and should) do this to some degree when you play online at Bovada Poker, but there isn’t nearly as much information for you to collect when you can’t see your fellow players. All that downtime between hands is time you aren’t using to scoop up pots and build your bankroll.

That’s why we came up with Zone Poker. Our “fast-fold” cash games solve this problem by giving you a fresh set of hole cards the instant you muck your hand. This allows you to play roughly three times as many hands as you would at a regular cash game – and it helps you disguise your own tendencies from other players as well.

What are the Features?

Zone Poker works by pooling all of the players at a certain stake together – say, 200NL, meaning No-Limit Hold’em with the small blind at $1 and the big blind at $2. Then these players will be randomly assigned seats at however many tables are required for the pool, and the first hand of poker will be dealt.

As soon as a player folds, they will re-join the pool and be transported instantly to the next available seat, where they will be dealt in for the next hand. This usually takes just a second or two, dramatically shortening the time you have to wait for your next hole cards.

To keep the game fair, Zone Poker will keep track of which seats you’ve been assigned and make sure you get an even distribution around the table. It won’t necessarily be in perfect clockwise order the way it is during an orbit at a standard cash game, but in the long run, you’ll be in the small blind as often as the button, and the big blind as often as under the gun.

Not only does Zone Poker let you play over twice as many hands per hour as a regular cash game, it also helps prevent your opponents from keeping track of your moves. Bovada Poker already does this with great effect thanks to our anonymous tables, but our Zone Poker games take it to another level by switching up the tables and the seat positions from hand to hand.

How Do I Play?

All you have to do to play Zone Poker at Bovada is log in to our poker lobby, and select which Zone Poker table you want to play at. No-Limit Texas Hold’em (both 6-max and full-ring), Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo are all on the menu, at stakes ranging from 2c/5c to $1/$2.

You can see the list of available tables by selecting Zone Poker from the menu in our lobby. The list will also show you how many players are in the pool, the average pot size, and the percentage of players who are seeing the flop. This lets you see which games are the juiciest, so you can jump right in and start taking advantage.

Zone Poker FAQ

Q: Can I still use Rabbit Hunt and other features in Zone Poker?

A: Absolutely. All the usual cash game features are waiting for you at Zone Poker, including the popular Rabbit Hunt feature that lets you see what the next card off the deck would have been; you just need to choose the “regular” fold option rather than “fast fold,” so you don’t get whisked away to the next table before you see that mystery card.

Q: Is there a strategy for winning at Zone Poker?

A: If you’re already a winning player at the cash tables, you should also be a winner at Zone Poker, but you can increase your chances by playing a more “Game-Theory Optimal” (GTO) style that doesn’t take your opponents’ tendencies into account as much. Having said that, understanding and adjusting to the tendencies of your larger player pool is also recommended.

Q: Are Zone Poker games looser than cash games?

A: Many of them are! Use the pot size and flop percentage information we mentioned above, and you’re very likely to find a game with plenty of action. Give it a try today and see for yourself how easy it is to get in the Zone at Bovada Poker.


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