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  1. Access Relevanssi Settings:
    • After activating the plugin, you’ll find a new “Relevanssi” option in your WordPress dashboard’s sidebar. Click on it to access the plugin’s settings.
  2. Configure General Settings:
    • In the “General” tab of the Relevanssi settings, you’ll find options to control the search behavior. Adjust settings such as whether to index comments, taxonomies, and custom fields, as well as the minimum and maximum word length for indexing.
  3. Tune Relevance Ranking (Optional):
    • The “Ranking” tab allows you to fine-tune how search results are ranked. You can adjust factors like title weight, content weight, and custom field weight to influence the ranking of search results.
  4. Indexing and Building the Index:
    • In the “Indexing” tab, you can initiate the process of building the search index for your website. Click the “Build the index” button to start indexing your content. This process might take some time, depending on the size of your site.
  5. Search Shortcodes and Widgets:
    • Relevanssi provides shortcodes and widgets that allow you to integrate advanced search forms on your website. You can place search forms in posts, pages, or widget areas.

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