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You’ll have the ball on your foot when it counts the most with Bovada’s newest bingo game, Bingo Goal. Fans will be cheering you on to hit it rich as you test your bingo skills and soccer abilities in one game. A soccer star is in the making; will it be you?


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Kicking off the game is easy. First, you have the option of playing one, two, three or four cards during the course of a round. Next, decide how much you want to wager on each card. You can wager a maximum of $10 and as little as $0.10 per card. If you hope to reach the jackpot, you’ll need to play with at least four cards and wager at least $1 per card.

After deciding on the dollar value of each card and the number of cards you want to play with, the game is ready for action. By hitting the “Play” button, Bingo Goal will shoot 30 bingo balls your way and align them at the top of the game display. Just above the bingo balls, you’ll see the 10 possible winning patterns. As the balls drop, Bingo Goal crosses off the matching numbers on your cards with a red ‘X’ automatically. If you match one of the winning patterns, you’ll see it highlighted in green and crossed off. You’ll also notice some numbers highlighted in yellow; these represent numbers that you still need to complete a winning pattern.

Play with 12 Last Chance Bingo Balls

Once the first 30 balls are dropped, you can see how close you are to completing winning patterns and decide whether to purchase up to 12 additional balls to complete the pattern. If you choose to purchase an additional ball, hit the “Yes” button, and a new bingo ball will be kicked into play by your teammate and set in the middle of the screen. The cost of these extra balls depend on your chances of completing a winning pattern. If you don’t like your chances, simply select “No,” and you can start a new game.

Look out for the Bonus pattern on your cards. If you land the bonus, you’ll be taken to the Penalty Kick Bonus round, where you’ll be given the chance to shoot a money ball on a goaltender. You get one shot to score cash, so choose your target wisely.

A great, free feature, you can change your bingo cards as many times as you like prior to hitting the “Play” button. This way you can be sure your lucky numbers are there every time.


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Do you have what it takes to outwit a goalie and score the golden goal? Bovada’s Bingo Goal offers players big thrills and bigger payouts, so grab your cleats and hit the field.