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Lottery fans will delight in the release of a new version of Keno at Bovada Casino: Keno Draw. The look and feel of the new version is far superior to what’s currently out there. It’s got a cleaner interface, it’s more intuitive, and it’s mobile and tablet optimized. You also get some premium features that you won’t find on Keno cards in brick and mortar casinos.


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Take the My Numbers feature for example. When you’re selecting your favorite numbers from 1-80, it takes time, and chances are, you always go for the same lucky combo. If that’s the case, you can register your favorite numbers and then tap My Numbers to automatically select them at the start of the round. In the older version, you tap the Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 button in order to re-use the same numbers, which wasn’t very intuitive. Most people just end up re-selecting their numbers manually.

Your Keno, Your Style

Not only do you get to pick and register your numbers, you also get to pick your colors. This new version of Keno lets you pick between six color options to ensure you’re working with your lucky numbers and your lucky colors. Your Keno should reflect you.

Another interesting feature unique to online Keno is the Round Hits table. Instead of filling out Keno cards on paper, and discarding them at the end of the round, you can keep track of everything through the Round Hits table. After a round, the table displays how many hits were generated (one hit for one number). With the new version of Keno, you get to see more than just the hits. You get a second table that shows how much you won each round.


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There are no standard payouts with Keno because the amount you win depends on how many numbers hit and how many numbers you selected. The actual numbers you pick don’t affect the odds because every number has a 1 in 80 chance of being called. So go ahead and fill your selections with the luckiest numbers you can think of. Find out if today is your lucky day.