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The easy and short answer to this question is 100% yes it can. The harder question is whether this WILL be Manchester City’s treble-winning season?


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Manchester United’s Treble – 1999

Speaking as a Manchester United fan, I pray to all my soccer Gods they do not; it will make drinking in the local pubs almost unbearable. The bragging rights to the city of Manchester being red or blue is long contested and fiercely fought over. I am old enough, and lucky enough, to remember Manchester United’s 1999 treble-winning season with an almost photographic recall of every game, player, and goal leading up to the historic win on 26th May ’99 in Camp Nou, Barcelona. I certainly remember the palpable excitement building across Manchester; it was all anybody could talk about, think about even it was fantastic! As fans, we were cautious not to get too carried away, but at the same time we dared to dream the impossible dream. It was an unforgettable ten days leading up to the Champions League final in which Manchester United famously beat Bayern Munich in injury time, who, funnily enough, were the team Manchester City knocked out of the Champions League last night to progress to the 2023 semi-final. For those reading who may be unsure of what ‘The Treble’ entails, it one of the highest achievements in domestic club-level football – winners of the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup in the same season. Manchester United remains the only English team in history to finish as treble-cup winners, and I want it to stay that way!

Manchester City’s Treble Chances

It only dawned on me this week that Manchester City is in with a very realistic chance of winning the treble. I am surprised there doesn’t seem to be massive hype from the blue side of Manchester or much to speak of in the media until the last day or two; it may be down to this being Pep Guardiola’s third straight Champions League semi-final without lifting the trophy he so desperately wants to add to his cabinet. Man City have been in sensational form since the World Cup break and beat Bayern Munich 4-1 on aggregate to reach the Champions League semi-finals against soccer giants, Real Madrid. What a game that is going to be. But the quarter-final victory appears to have come at a cost, with Guardiola saying his team is physically and mentally fatigued after the second leg in Munich. Up against Championship side Sheffield United, in the semi-finals of the FA Cup on Saturday 22nd April, before taking on Premier League title rivals Arsenal, which is almost certainly a title-deciding match, on Wednesday 26th April. With places booked in two semi-finals – the FA Cup and Champions League – while the Premier League is in their own hands (four points behind Arsenal and a precious game in hand), indeed this is the time to start dreaming of the ‘T-word’. There is a massive weekend of soccer ahead; both Manchester teams are in separate semi-final games meaning the FA Cup Final could see the vehement rivals meet again at Wembley in May. Can the red side of the Manchester gate crash the blue-themed treble party? I sincerely hope so.


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