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Unlike last year, the upcoming NBA Draft won’t feature a generational talent seemingly destined to become the No. 1 pick (San Antonio’s Victor Wembanyama). Instead, the NBA Draft on June 27 will feature a handful of potential stars, role players and wildcards.


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Until then, plenty of NBA mock drafts will change their projected order depending on how talent evaluators analyze pre-draft workouts, interviews and game footage. Below are the five most intriguing prospects, regardless of their projected ceiling.

Prospect: Alex Sarr

Forward/Center, Perth Wildcats (Australia)

Stats: 9.4 points on 52% shooting, 4.3 rebounds per game

Sarr is not expected to match Wembanyama’s potential. Yes, both played professionally overseas. Both have also used their length, athleticism and footwork to dominate as rim protectors. Unlike Wembanyama, though, Sarr does not possess offensive versatility yet as an effective post player, shooter and passer.

Prospect: Nikola Topić

Guard, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

Stats: 8.0 points on 52.4% shooting overall and 28.8% from 3, 5.0 assists per game
Topić shows crafty point-guard skills with his sharp passing and strong finishing. He will need to improve both his outside shooting and his defense. Yet, Topić has the tools to become a complete point guard because of his strong work ethic and fundamentals.


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Prospect: Stephon Castle

Guard, Connecticut (freshman)

Stats: 11.1 points on 47.2% shooting overall and 26.7% from 3, 4.7 rebounds, 2.9 assists per game
Castle moves at breakneck speed, which will allow him to keep up with defending some of the NBA’s top point guards. Castle also possesses brute strength, which will enable him to defend wings and even frontcourt players. Castle can develop into an effective scorer and passer, but he will make an impact first with his defense.

Prospect: Zach Edey

Center, Purdue (senior)

Stats: 25.2 points on 62.3% shooting, 12.2 rebounds per game
Analysis: Edey initially fielded doubts about his draft stock because his plodding post-man skills seemed more suited to the NBA’s previous era. He has since intrigued draft evaluators with how he would fit in the modern NBA for a few reasons. Edey has shown in draft workouts that he can hit outside shots. Despite not having the mobility and athleticism to defend all five positions, Edey also can still thrive as a rim protector.

Prospect: Bronny James

Guard, USC (freshman)

Stats: 4.8 points on 36.6% shooting overall and 26.7% from 3, 2.1 assists per game
Expect the Los Angeles Lakers to select Bronny with their No. 55 pick, but their main motivation will not trace back to his father’s influence. The Lakers will pick Bronny because he will likely be available as opposed to a gesture to appease LeBron and ensure he stays. The Lakers won’t trade up for Bronny amid his weaknesses as a shooter and defender, but they will consider him worthy of a No. 55 selection because of his passing skills and work ethic.

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