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10 Biggest LeBron James Winning Bets

As a four-time NBA champion and the league’s all-time leading scorer with over 38,000 points, it’s hard to deny the greatness of LeBron James. With each soaring dunk and every pinpoint pass, the legend of LeBron continues to grow. With every nail-biting buzzer-beater, every gravity-defying block and every mesmerizing triple-double, James reminds us why he is hailed as ‘The King’.

Now preparing for what will be his 21st season in the NBA, LeBron has spent the past two decades helping sports bettors around the world cash in on their NBA wagers. From his time in Cleveland, to his four seasons in Miami, to his current tenure on the Lakers, the kid from Akron has made a lot of money for a lot of gamblers over the years.


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In celebration of this basketball phenomenon’s incredible career, this article from Bovada Sportsbook will showcase the 10 biggest winning bets ever placed on LeBron James. For their boldness, wisdom and trust in the King’s ability to deliver on the basketball court, these sports bettors were rewarded with big wins and some truly massive payouts!

10. $8,750 WON FROM $2,500

Having recorded more than 500 double-doubles over the course of his NBA career, LeBron James knows how to fill the stat sheet. This Bovada sports bettor took advantage of that fact, wagering $2,500 on King James to put up a double-double in a 2021 regular season matchup with the Golden State Warriors. While the Lakers ended up losing that game, LeBron put up 34 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists to win this NBA bettor $6,250 in profits!

9. $10,113 WON FROM $2,528

There’s nothing better than watching two NBA superstars go head-to-head on the hardwood and that’s exactly what happened in this bet involving LeBron and Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker. This unique bet from the 2022 regular season required both James and Booker to score 30+ points and came with +300 betting odds. It ended up coming down to the wire – James scored 31 points and Booker finished with exactly 30 points, which was just enough to win this basketball gambler a total payout of $10,113.

8. $9,500 WON FROM $500

When the Lakers travelled to Denver for the 2022/23 regular season, all eyes were on LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic. As the three best players on the floor, you just knew they would deliver a solid performance in such a high-profile game. By betting on James, Davis and Jokic to combine for 150+ points, rebounds and assists, this Bovada user was able to get +1800 odds on their $500 wager. When it was all said and done, the three NBA superstars easily surpassed the combined total and made this bettor $9,500 richer!

7. $10,050 WON FROM $50

In another Combined Stat Special from the 2023 NBA season, this basketball bettor put down $50 on LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Golden State’s Kevon Looney to put up 55+ combined rebounds. With such a high rebounding total, this bet came with huge odds at +20000. James only put up 11 boards in the game, but Anthony Davis and Kevon Looney pulled down an impressive 23 rebounds each to win this gambler an incredible return on investment with a total payout of $10,050!

6. $15,079 WON FROM $3,548

LeBron is no stranger to the NBA All-Star Game, having been selected 19 times over the course of his career. He’s also won the NBA All-Star Game MVP award on three separate occasions (2006, 2008, 2018). Perhaps that’s why this bettor was so confident ahead of the 2022 All-Star Game, risking $3,548 on Team LeBron to win, James to score 19.5+ points and Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo to score 25.5+ points. As predicted, King James guided his fellow all-stars to victory and this bet cashed for a huge profit of $11,531.


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5. $13,000 WON FROM $1,000

Ever since their thrilling showdown in the 2016 NBA Finals, LeBron and Steph Curry seem to elevate their game when playing against one another. That was certainly the case during the 2022/23 regular season contest in 2022, when a sports bettor wagered $1,000 on James to score 31+ points, Curry to score 26+ points and also Anthony Davis to put up 26+ points. With +1200 odds, this sports bettor won a total payout of $13,000 when all three players exceeded their totals.

4. $12,625 WON FROM $125

There was more than one big winner when the Lakers and Nuggets met during the 2022/23 regular season, as we have another Combined Stat Special involving James, Jokic and Davis. This time, the three players needed to combine for 160+ points, rebounds and assists, with the betting odds coming in at +10000. LeBron and Davis combined for 66 points, 22 rebounds and 12 assists, while Jokic put up an incredible 34 points, 21 rebounds and 14 assists all on his own. With a total bet of just $125, this lucky gambler won an impressive $12,500 in profits!

3. $12,750 WON FROM $250

Steals and assists can be a tough category to predict when it comes to betting NBA basketball, but that didn’t stop this brave Bovada bettor from putting down $250 on this 2021 matchup between the Lakers and Grizzlies. This bet came with +5000 odds and required LeBron and Russell Westbrook to both have 2+ steals, while also needing Westbrook and Ja Morant to record 10+ assists each. As you’ve probably already guessed, everything came together perfectly and this NBA bettor took home a total payout of $12,750.

2. #13,065 WON FROM $65

There’s no better feeling than turning a small bet into huge winnings, and that’s exactly the case with our next LeBron James betting winner. This bet actually the same bet as #7 on our list, only this bettor raised the stakes even higher. Needing 55+ combined rebounds from LeBron, Anthony Davis and Kevon Looney, this NBA fan put down $65 and ended up winning a 20 to 1 return on investment for a total payout of $13,065!

1. $48,124 WON FROM $9,625

The bigger your bet, the more you can win – Just take a look at the top spot on our list of biggest winning LeBron James bets. This LBJ fan wagered $9,625 on Game 4 of this year’s Western Conference Finals, needing both James and Jokic to put up 28+ points each. The Nuggets won the game thanks to 30 points from Jokic, while LeBron put up an impressive 40-point performance in the losing effort. With the odds for this wager coming in at +400, the end result was a staggering total payout of $48,124!