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It’s been 35 years since video poker made a name for itself. Now Bovada Poker offers a full line of 17 Real Series video poker games, each with its own take on the classic game of draw poker.


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Even if you’re not already familiar with draw poker, it only takes a moment to learn how to play Real Series video poker games. The basics are the same for all 17 games. After you place your bet, you receive five (or seven) playing cards at random from a standard 52-card deck. The object for most games is to make a hand that contains at least a high pair, like two Jacks. The stronger your hand, the more you’ll be paid out.

If you don’t like the hand you’ve been dealt, you get one chance to throw out your bad cards and draw some new ones at random – that’s why it’s called draw poker. Once the draw (if any) is complete, the hand is over, and if your cards are good enough, you’ll be rewarded according to the corresponding paytable for the game you’re playing.

Real Series Video Poker Strategies

This is more than just a game of chance. By making the best decisions when it’s time to draw, you can shrink the house edge while increasing the likelihood of a big payday for yourself. This is where learning some basic strategies can come in handy.

For example, let’s look at Bonus Poker, a popular variant where you get a higher payout than normal for making four of a kind. Let’s say you get dealt the following five cards: QsQhQcJc and 10c. You’ve already got a set of Queens, which guarantees you a payout of three times your original bet. But you also have three cards to a Royal Flush: the Queen, Jack, and 10 of clubs. Should you keep those three cards instead and go for the biggest payout possible?

With Bonus Poker, the right choice is to keep the three Queens. You could end up drawing the Queen of diamonds, which would give you four of a kind and a sweet 80 times payout. Or you could draw a pair of cards that completes a Full House (8 times). In the long run, you’ll make more money this way than by keeping the three clubs; your chances of making the Royal Flush are very small, and the money you could earn by hitting a different hand instead, like a straight (4 times), doesn’t quite make up the difference.


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You can find useful Real Series video poker game tips online, rules and payouts for each of the 17 games at Bovada Casino.