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We had a Texas-size win in our casino on New Year’s Day, so we’d like to give a shout-out to the man of the hour, Michael K. The game of choice was Let ‘Em Ride – a poker-inspired table game that pays players for landing pairs of 10 and better. Mike K., from Texas, staked $5 on the Ante and $1 on the Progressive Plus side bet, and Raised at the right time, earning himself a total payout of $113,985. What a great start to 2018.


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Let ‘Em Ride is part of our new suite of casino games that offer an improved user experience through a streamlined interface. For fans of the classic Let ‘Em Ride, you can still play Let ‘Em Ride Classic in the Table Games section of our casino. Both versions share a progressive jackpot that has crept up to $16,000 since Michael won it on New Year’s Day. See if you can land a Royal Flush and take 100% of the jackpot by playing Let ‘Em Ride on Real Play mode.


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